The Dreamers....

As I promised, I'm going to spend some time trying to talk you out of owning a Scenic. All of us in the "hobby" (I'm really not sure we should refer to it that way, but...) have seen many, many owners come and go. Some of us actually joke about requiring a test be taken before you're allowed to buy one. I actually owned one that had four owners before me, and none of them even got it to move. I put a clutch in it out in the Arizona desert and drove it out of there. It's had two MORE owners since I owned it and when I sold it it drove about 5 miles, was parked for a number of years and then went to a storage yard in Tucson.... on a tow truck. It's sitting there still and, in another twist, I'm working on it again because of an incident at the storage yard. You can't make this stuff up. 

The usual "Order of operations" with Scenic ownership is "Falling in love", Convincing the better half that you're not nuts, shopping for one, then buying it. At this point the "Oh my God... what have I gotten myself into?" kicks in. In the case of my coach, the guy bought it basically sight unseen, but he had a "dream". The first time he actually stood in it he realized this was a bad move. He immediatly ask the guy who he bought it from if he could help resell it. This was basically a running, driving Scenicruiser that had a very dated RV conversion done. It wasn't a "shell" or derilect sitting in a field. The one I rescued from the desert was a lot rougher. The guy who bought it from me spent a lot of effort doing some repairs and gutting the RV interior out. But, after a year or so, he ran out of steam and he never got the wife onboard.  Again, it moves onto the next guy.

The real unfortunate part of these stories is that often they are taken apart to the point where they're unmovable. Because they're so big and heavy, if it won't move under its own power, it becomes almost worthless. The cost to tow one of these quickly exceeds the value of the bus. Many have ended up being scrapped for this very reason. 

You really need to be very "Clear headed" about what you're getting into here. Having a "Dream" is great, and you need a vision and a goal for any project this big. Just be realistic and..... keep reading.


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