So.... You want to Own a Scenicruiser

Over the years since I first got our Scenic, #847, I have constantly heard..."Wow, Thats so cool! I wish I had one.". You can't drive one of these anywhere without getting waved at, Thumbs up and often photographed. In fact, many times a car or truck will pass you (You get used to that...a lot!! They ain't fast) and then suddenly you see brake lights, as the passing vehicle slowly drifts back to you so... someone can take a picture. It's actually kinda fun and part of the charm of owning one. Fuel stops are another thing all together. There is no such thing as a "quick" fuel stop. You pull up to the pumps and almost immedietly someone, or several folks, come up to talk about a) How cool the bus is b)How their long lost uncle used to drive one for Grayhound c) "I went off to Boot Camp in one of these!" d)"Has that thing still got a Deeetroit in it?" or.. e) All of the above.

Also, through the wonders of the Internet and social media I've seen many, many folks pine for a Scenicruiser and a number of them who actually make the leap and buy one. This blog is going to be an on going attempt to let the world know our experiences and what it takes to buy one, things to look for, things to expect and most importantly, things NOT to expect. In fact, the next few entries in this blog are going to be the "I'm going to try to talk you out of this" kind's of things. Among those of us that have owned these for a while, and actually work on and drive them, we see newbies jump into these things and we generally shake our heads and sigh..... a lot. The next entry will be about that.... The Dreamers

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