You're still interested? Lets get real....

I mentioned earlier about the fact that however much old car and truck experience you've got, it really doesn't prepare you for a Scenicruiser. Some basic statistics bring it a little more in focus.... They're big! 40 feet long, 8 feet wide and then you need another 5 feet all the way around to work on it. Baggage doors swing out and up. You need space for that. They're heavy!! Real heavy!! Depending on if it's converted or not, 25,000 lbs is a good estimate. So, if you can even get it in your driveway, a 4 inch concrete slab won't really cut it. It'll break it. They're a bit over 11 feet tall, without roof top AC units. If you're going to put it inside, it's going to be a big building. Most don't live under roof for all of these reasons. Thats not the end of the world depending on where you live. I redid the whole interior and lowered the floor in an RV park a few miles from my house. I lived in New Mexico at the time so.... it wasn' ...

The Dreamers....

As I promised, I'm going to spend some time trying to talk you out of owning a Scenic. All of us in the "hobby" (I'm really not sure we should refer to it that way, but...) have seen many, many owners come and go. Some of us actually joke about requiring a test be taken before you're allowed to buy one. I actually owned one that had four owners before me, and none of them even got it to move. I put a clutch in it out in the Arizona desert and drove it out of there. It's had two MORE owners since I owned it and when I sold it it drove about 5 miles, was parked for a number of years and then went to a storage yard in Tucson.... on a tow truck. It's sitting there still and, in another twist, I'm working on it again becasue of an incident at the storage yard. You can't make this stuff up. 

The Newbies...

Everybody that ever gets a Scenicruiser is..... a Newbie. I was a Newbie. Even those that have owned other buses, trucks, classic cars etc. etc. etc..... "Think" their experienced "Owners" but generally speaking, No.... they're Newbies. A Scenicruiser is a very unique vehicle and for the time, 65 years ago, it was about as cutting edge as you'd find. While yes, like a truck it has air brakes but... they aren't exactly like the air brake systems on trucks. Yes, it's a diesel but, the old Detriot Diesel 8V71, or "318" as the truckers call them, had some different features and ways of doing things. The electrical system is so much more complicated than any truck or car someone may have probably had experience with, that it's a brand new day with troubleshooting electrical gremlins. 

So.... You want to Own a Scenicruiser

Over the years since I first got our Scenic, #847, I have constantly heard..."Wow, Thats so cool! I wish I had one.". You can't drive one of these anywhere without getting waved at, Thumbs up and often photographed. In fact, many times a car or truck will pass you (You get used to that...a lot!! They ain't fast) and then suddenly you see brake lights, as the passing vehicle slowly drifts back to you so... someone can take a picture. It's actually kinda fun and part of the charm of owning one. Fuel stops are another thing all together. There is no such thing as a "quick" fuel stop. You pull up to the pumps and almost immedietly someone, or several folks, come up to talk about a) How cool the bus is b)How their long lost uncle used to drive one for Grayhound c) "I went off to Boot Camp in one of these!" d)"Has that thing still got a Deeetroit in it?" or.. e) All of the above.

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